Swine Flufeatured

Thank God we aren’t going to Mexico again, LOL. It’ll probably bite me in the ass, but I’m not too worried about the Swine Flu. I remember the Avian Flu and SARS crazes. I was going to school in downtown Chicago and taking public transportation all the time (and believe me, Chicago public transportation is Read more


One Monthfeatured

We’re exactly one month away from our sailaway…and less than a month until we leave for NYC! Our documents came in the mail…but one of our names was wrong. We called and they changed it, but we need new documents now. Hopefully, they come through quickly. We started tanning yesterday. It was really nice outside Read more


Good Dealfeatured

I guess lots of people are coming here and looking at my pictures (welcome!) and Photobucket decided to make my pictures unviewable unless I upgraded to a Pro account. Photobucket Pro is $40 a year. Kind of insane. But, if you complete one of several available “deals,” you get a one year account for free. Read more



I’ve never been able to find all of the menus I’ve been looking for online, so I decided to take some pics of the ones I don’t see for anyone else who is curious. Taste of Nations (missing first day Italian and last day Chocolate) Day 2: Mexican Day 3: Indian Day 4: French Day Read more


Carnival Miracle 1/24/2009 Part 10 & Final Thoughtsfeatured

Sorry…not a lot of pictures in this one 🙁 The dreaded day had finally come- when we woke up, we were docked at Port Everglades. The good: CELL PHONE SERVICE! This is the first time I’ve gone more than a day or so without the internet since my high school trip to Southern California in Read more

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