The World’s Longest Miracle Review, Part 11featured

It was sad waking up today and realizing that the next time we woke up on the boat, we’d be preparing to go home. But it was looking nice outside and we still had plenty we wanted to do, so we wasted no time in getting ready, having a quick breakfast and then heading to Read more


The World’s Longest Miracle Review, Part 10featured

When we woke up this morning, the boat was really rocking, so it was no surprised that when we pulled back our curtains, this is what it looked like outside: In all of my cruises, I’ve never sailed in such conditions that there were many consecutive days of bad weather. Of the eight days of Read more


The World’s Longest Miracle Review, Part 9featured

We woke up today, our cabin was very warm and we were docked in Nassau. And it was Mom’s birthday! We cruise every year on her birthday week, and I think it’s awesome that she’s usually in a different country for her birthday every year (except for 2006, when we debarked the ship the day Read more


The World’s Longest Miracle Review, Part 8featured

We slept in again today. We were anchored a bit off of Half Moon Cay when I awoke, and Stephanie and I were still debating on how to spend the day. I’m not a beach fan (unless they’re at very nice resorts). I’ve touched ocean water once, in Antigua, and that was because Stephanie promised Read more


The World’s Longest Miracle Review, Part 7featured

We like our port days more than we like our sea days. Granted, there’s no afternoon tea, but if we aren’t booked on an excursion, we can sleep in because there’s no need to run to breakfast and then grab a chair near the pool. We can have a leisurely breakfast and then get off Read more

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