The World’s Longest Miracle Review, Part 4featured

This is low on pics until half-way through…sorry! After 2.5 long days in New York City, we were more than ready to make the move to our home for the next eight days: the Carnival Miracle. We were definitely ready for some R&R (though, being home now, I need another vacation to recover from my Read more


The World’s Longest Miracle Review, Part 3featured

After such a long day and late night yesterday, we were glad to be able to sleep in a little bit today. We had tickets to see the Broadway revival of “Hair” at 2:00pm, and since we weren’t able to pick up our tickets until 1:30pm, we were able to sleep in a bit. We Read more


The World’s Longest Miracle Review, Part 2featured

We woke up around 9:00 for our first venture into NYC. I was super happy to look out the window and see a bright, clear day outside since we were forecasted for rain. Stephanie and I walked to the Cosi a block away to grab breakfast to bring back to the hotel and it was Read more


The World’s Longest Miracle Review, Part 1featured

We’ve been home for less than 24 hours, but I’ve been writing this review in my head for the past two weeks. This first post won’t have nearly as many pictures as the rest (I took over 1300 between my SLR and my P&S cameras) and will be mostly background, but the rest will be Read more


Cutting It Close!featured

I can’t believe our vacation is just about here…we leave tomorrow! No, I haven’t packed yet, but that’s nothing out of the norm. I went to a Cubs game on Saturday and came home with a sinus infection. It seems to be passing quickly and hopefully it stays out of my chest and I’m not Read more

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