Carnival Vista Photo Tour

Carnival Vista Photo Tourfeatured

Some of my favorite memories of our trip on the Carnival Vista were the times we spent walking around the ship, exploring every corner we could find. I’ve always loved the distinct décor and details that make Carnival’s fleet unique, and the Vista is a wonderful combination of familiar favorites and exciting new features. When Read more

Carnival Vista Review: Day 14 – Debarkation

Carnival Vista Review: Day 14 – Debarkationfeatured

In ten days onboard the Carnival Vista, the worst thing about the Vista was having to leave the Vista. I think we’ve been on, like, 20 cruises by now. This might have been lucky #20. Some are more distinct than others, but they all blend together sometimes. It never gets any easier to leave. I Read more

Carnival Vista Review: Day 13 – Athens

Carnival Vista Review: Day 13 – Athensfeatured

I’m not a morning person, and I’m really bad at waking up. It doesn’t really matter where I am or what the circumstances are. I’m awful at getting out of bed. But when I woke up, intense, bright sunshine streaming into our room, I couldn’t linger in bed for long. We had a big day Read more

Carnival Vista Review: Day 12 – Kusadasi

Carnival Vista Review: Day 12 – Kusadasifeatured

I didn’t think we were going to make it to Turkey this time. We almost didn’t. Our scheduled stop in Izmir was cancelled for safety concerns due to the political climate weeks before we left for Barcelona. We weren’t entirely heartbroken – we had no plans for Turkey, having done an extensive tour of the Read more

Carnival Vista Review: Day 11 – Rhodes

Carnival Vista Review: Day 11 – Rhodesfeatured

Well, it’s been a few weeks, hasn’t it? Time seems to be escaping me lately. It’s like one minute, I was in San Francisco for my birthday and the next, it’s October. It’s October. When did that happen?! It’s been a crazy month, though. I got promoted at work (…again, which makes two promotions in Read more

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