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Santa Fe in a Weekend

Santa Fe in a Weekendfeatured

“New Mexico? Why?” When I started planning a weekend getaway to Santa Fe and telling my friends to solicit their suggestions, it was a frequent response. I didn’t have a really good answer. The most honest reason was that I wanted to fill a free weekend with a trip to a place I’d never been Read more

San Francisco in a Weekend

San Francisco in a Weekendfeatured

Whenever I’m asked my favorite city to visit in the US, I don’t hesitate to give an all too immediate answer: San Francisco. I’ve never written of my visits, sharing pictures instead. A picture is worth a thousand words, and when I’m in San Francisco, all of the words float around my head, a line Read more

Dallas in a Weekend

Dallas in a Weekendfeatured

Everything’s bigger in Texas. Or so they say, anyways. When my travel plans for April were pushed off into the summer and I needed a couple of days away to recharge from a crazy few weeks at work (and celebrate the end of an intense six month promotional cycle), an opportunity to visit Dallas came Read more

Phoenix in a Weekend

Phoenix in a Weekendfeatured

It doesn’t take much (or any) convincing to get me to book a plane ticket and go…basically anywhere…these days. With low fuel costs driving down the cost of airfare, getting away for a weekend is easier than ever. So when Mom was sent out to work in Phoenix for two weeks and asked me if Read more

Boston in a Weekend

Boston in a Weekendfeatured

When our Europe trip took up most of Stephanie’s days off for the year and we had to push our annual October family getaway to Christmas, I started looking for destinations for a short weekend trip. Weekend trips are tricky. If you fly out Friday night and fly home Sunday night, you have a day Read more

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