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Paris in Three Days

Paris in Three Daysfeatured

Paris is so special to me. The entire city buzzes with je ne sais quoi, this unintelligible quality that’s impossible to explain until you’re there and you can feel it. It’s in the ornate details on the building facades, the confidence of the French people and the level of enjoyment they take in the simplest Read more

Post Cruise Adventure: Zurich to Paris

Post Cruise Adventure: Zurich to Parisfeatured

I could have spent another two days in Zurich, easily. There was so much more to see (and so much more fondue to dunk crusty bread in). And truth be told, even though we’d been in Europe for more than two weeks, I still wasn’t ready for our time to end. But a whirlwind trip Read more

48 Hours in Zurich

48 Hours in Zurichfeatured

I’ve been thinking about this post since we returned home, but it’s been months and I still find myself without words. Truth be told, our time in Zurich was a whirlwind – memories of walking along the lake, shopping on the Bahnhofstrasse, discovering the absurd deliciousness of raclette (and discovering that traditional Swiss fondue in Read more

Flight Review: Swiss Business Class – Athens to Zurich

Flight Review: Swiss Business Class – Athens to Zurichfeatured

When you consider all of the places you can hop to from Athens, it seems kind of random to end up in Switzerland, doesn’t it? We could have gone to Santorini. I still dream of Santorini with a heavy heart and the memory of hot sun and high winds, of being so, so close, but Read more

Carnival Vista Review: Day 14 – Debarkation

Carnival Vista Review: Day 14 – Debarkationfeatured

In ten days onboard the Carnival Vista, the worst thing about the Vista was having to leave the Vista. I think we’ve been on, like, 20 cruises by now. This might have been lucky #20. Some are more distinct than others, but they all blend together sometimes. It never gets any easier to leave. I Read more

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