Carnival Sunshine Trip Journal: Part 10 – Grand Turk

Carnival Sunshine Trip Journal: Part 10 – Grand Turkfeatured

We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve docked in Grand Turk at this point.

I figure the number is 6-8 times, but really, we have no idea. They all blend together in a beautiful puddle of crystal clear water in the most beautiful shade of cerulean blue. I think the reason we’ve lost count is because our days in Grand Turk all look the same. We walk on the beach, we go shopping, we go back to the ship.

 photo DSC_6974_zps31mb0lai.jpg

My favorite color is the color of the water in Grand Turk

There’s a reason our days in Grand Turk all look similar to each other: there isn’t a lot to do on Grand Turk. Grand Turk is a small island, probably amongst the smallest we’ve ever visited. At it’s widest point, the island is 7.5 miles across. From the Lido deck of the ship, you can see clear across to the ocean on the other side of the island.

 photo TYJL3251_zpsfnbeetb7.jpg

Grand Turk is a small island — you can see nearly all of it from the top of the ship

There’s a large, free public beach steps away from the ship. That’s the biggest attraction. There’s a Margaritaville with a very large pool. There’s a nice shopping area. You can take a cab to a different beach, or rent a golf cart and drive around the island (on our to do lists, one of these visits), but there isn’t much else to do on Grand Turk.

But there’s an old cliché that says that good things come in small packages, and while there isn’t a ton to do or see on Grand Turk, I wouldn’t necessarily call that a bad thing. It’s nice to have a day to laze around an island and not feel pressured to see or do or buy, especially as you’re ending a lengthy voyage.

 photo DSC_6972_zpsdh3cmnoc.jpg

Good morning, Grand Turk!

After a quick breakfast, Stephanie and I headed out for a quick visit onto the island. Mom stayed back – she hadn’t been feeling well and wanted to rest up. The first thing Stephanie and I noticed was that as you exit the ship, they have painted lines that you cannot step across to block people from sitting on the ledge of the walkway. They will blow whistles and yell at you if you try. I’m not sure if someone hurt themselves falling in or if this was purely precautionary, but mind that gap.

 photo DSC_6975_zpsfz0joszw.jpg

Do not cross the yellow line or security will blow their whistles at you!

There are two beaches at the pier – one to the left of the duty free store and one to the right. Most beach-bound visitors to the island will take a left when they exit the store – that side of the beach is where you can swim out and wade around in the water. Because most visitors prefer the left side of the beach, it gets really crowded really fast. By the time we walked by, the umbrellas were stacked so closely that it made almost one big giant umbrella. With two ships in port (and a third on its way), it was a busy day in Grand Turk.

 photo DSC_7035_zpsj7rfquzg.jpg

The beach got really crowded really fast

So while everyone was on the left side of the beach, we took our usual route through the right side of the beach. The right side is quieter because while you can toe dip in the water, you can’t swim out as far as you can on the other side and the further along the beach you walk, the rockier the terrain gets. If you’re looking to lay out on a palm tree and enjoy the breeze, this is the side of the beach you’d want to opt onto.

 photo DSC_6977_zpsw9bmjexw.jpg

Everyone usually veers left, but I prefer the right side of the beach

Regardless of what side of the beach you settle on (if you settle on a side at all!), beach chairs, clamshells and umbrellas are all free for use. While Grand Turk isn’t a private island (a la Half Moon Cay), the Carnival Corp has spent a lot of money on building up the port area, so the beach area may as well be considered one of Carnival’s “private” areas.

 photo DSC_6983_zpsibodh4w3.jpg

Loungers and umbrella are free for use on Grand Turk’s public beaches

It was a gorgeous day to walk along the beach. The skies were perfectly blue and the water was calm. It was a little windy, but the wind provided the perfect relief to the humid temperatures on this Friday morning.

 photo MKJK0087_zpsbmaiedst.jpg

The entire island is like a living postcard

 photo JUBU3850_zpsqzkiqea7.jpg

In my natural Grand Turk state: staring at the water

Stephanie and I stopped into a bar, the Beached Whale, a little further down on the beach for some margs. We contemplated going to Margaritaville but it’s always overpriced and overcrowded. It turns out, the Beached Whale is a Margaritaville bar, so the prices were still a little high, but we avoided most of the crowds.

 photo FYQN5897_zpsfygfg52n.jpg

The Beached Whale was much less crowded than Margaritaville, but just as overpriced: it’s still a Margaritaville property

 photo DSC_7014_zpsm8hluxqy.jpg

It’s always five o’clock in Grand Turk!

We hit the shops after our late-morning mango margs. I wouldn’t call the shopping options on Grand Turk robust – they’re all Carnival recommended shops and the shopping area isn’t that big – but there’s plenty to browse if you’re looking for jewelry or island logo gear, and there’s a small craft market near the left side of the beach if you’re looking for more artisan goods.

 photo DSC_7019_zpsf4ndhcdk.jpg

The shopping area in Grand Turk is modern, clean and spacious

 photo RMCE9235_zpsam2vgvbp.jpg

We always find some fun trinkets in the shops

 photo DSC_7029_zpsglu0omjo.jpg

There’s also a craft market, if you’re in search of unique, handmade items

When we had gone through our usual shops, we started to head back to the ship, but a Princess ship was docking, and civilians are prohibited from being on the dock while a cruise ship is docking. Everyone was starting to stack up in the duty free shop, and we spent a couple of minutes looking at the liquor prices, but once you go to St. Thomas, you know how the prices are never as good anywhere else, so we settled in outside the craft market while the Regal Princess pulled in alongside our Carnival Sunshine.

 photo DSC_7038_zps6yxkoe7t.jpg

Once the third ship docked, we headed back to the ship: Grand Turk isn’t *that* big an island

After the dock was cleared, we reboarded the ship, threw on our swimsuits and headed straight up to Serenity, where, for the first time all week, we had our pick of loungers and chairs and a near empty pool to enjoy!

 photo HXMF0377_zpskdsvdj5v.jpg

Finally, a decent lounger!

We headed in for lunch after a few hours in the sun, opting for tacos from the Blue Iguana Cantina and cupcakes from the Sweet Spot.

 photo EQDL7885_zpsfrpawlmy.jpg

Aren’t these cupcakes the cutest?

Still not ready to call it a day after lunch, we headed downstairs to the promenade to watch the pier runners as we approached our back onboard time of 3:30 pm. When all guests were back onboard, the captain blew the ship’s horn, and the captain of the Regal Princess responded in kind — but their horn sounded like the theme to the Love Boat!

 photo DSC_7042_zps31qv191h.jpg

Watching pier runners in Grand Turk is high fun entertainment

We enjoyed the sun and sea views for an hour after we left port, up until the sun had set below the horizon, and we headed back inside to get ready for our evening.

 photo RQKW6325_zpsahto6vei.jpg

Until next time, Grand Turk!

 photo DSC_7053_zpsteicawl7.jpg

Another stunning sunset

The dining menus hadn’t looked all that appealing for this evening, so Mom had called Cucina del Capitano while Stephanie and I were out in port to inquire about dining availability for the evening. When told they were booked for the evening, Mom went upstairs to talk to the hostess, and when the hostess noticed Mom’s Platinum card, she squeezed us in for a 9:00 pm reservation. Super late for us, but we’d take what we could get. So we relaxed, watched a movie in the room, and Mom called Cucina again to see if they could squeeze us in any earlier, only to be told they had no record of our reservation for this evening and that our reservation was placed into the following evening. A 20 minute game of phone tag ensued and ended with a 7:30 pm reservation. We had a little time to kill, so we spent some time on Ocean Plaza listening to a live Latin duo.

 photo DSC_7064_zpswqlwiiqj.jpg

Live entertainment is one of our favorite things about cruising Carnival

Mom and Stephanie love Cucina del Capitano. I do, too – the food is great and the ambiance is lovely – but I’m more partial to the offerings at JiJi’s. As we were seated, we immediately picked up on some tension between two tables we were sitting between. One, a large party, was having some sort of a celebration. The other party, seated behind us, was a smaller party, with a man who was offended by how loud the other table was and kept shouting at them. We ignored the war brewing between the two to settle in with wine and a bread plank, and thankfully, the rest of the meal was less eventful.

 photo DSC_7071_zpsfdbntynq.jpg

Some of the best Italian food on the seas!

 photo VOAV2821_zpsv17i8ouy.jpg

Bread Plank

 photo DSC_7083_zps6ayo48ne.jpg

Nonna’s Meatballs

 photo DSC_7088_zpswt96jzui.jpg

Insalata Caprese

 photo DSC_7093_zpsnzohhyuu.jpg

Il Capitano’s Signature Arancini

 photo DSC_7103_zpsgqg34h2e.jpg

Brasato al Barolo

 photo DSC_7106_zpsoos7jcsl.jpg

Broccoli with Peperonata

 photo DSC_7109_zpsawiqbgyp.jpg

Pollo Parmigiana della Cucina

 photo DSC_7111_zpsddesqp2z.jpg

Spaghetti with Captain’s Tomato Sauce

 photo DSC_7114_zps9gpj95v5.jpg

Bistecca alla Griglia

 photo DSC_7116_zpsjdwof1cs.jpg

Rosemary Potatoes

 photo DSC_7118_zpsvkwmjxvj.jpg

Magic Tiramisu

 photo DSC_7122_zpswjty59tp.jpg

Sorbetto al Limone

 photo DSC_7129_zpsj2zdqbtr.jpg

Crostata di Mele Coppetta

Because we were able to dine earlier, we were able to take in Cruise Director Chris’ show, The Flying Scotsman. Chris got his start with Carnival as a Playlist Performer before shifting over to Cruise Director, and the Liquid Lounge was just about standing room only for most of the show. Chris led the crowd in sing-alongs of some of his favorite rock songs.

 photo DSC_7136_zpsccfyzl5w.jpg

The Flying Scotsman

 photo DSC_7149_zpsxvaqswwn.jpg

Chris drew quite the crowd for his show

I really, really wanted to go to the 80s Rock and Jam Party but I literally fell asleep as soon as we got back to the room to change. Add the Rock and Jam party to the list of things we’ll do on the next cruise (…where I’ll inevitably fall asleep…again…).

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